WIFI - We offer FREE WIFI during your stay at Silverstone Lodge. The wifi is accessible in most of the rooms, garden area and lounge. 
Please do note that due to heavy storms with lightning we sometimes have to switch off the WIFI. We apologise for the inconvenience. 

MEALS -  A sumptuous breakfast is served in the elegant dining room or on your personal patio overlooking the river.  Every evening we offer a 2 course meal also served in the dining are or on your private patio. If you would like to dine with us, please let us know one day before your arrival  together with informations regarding any dietary requirements we have to take into consideration.

We also have excellent restaurants in our area and are happy to recommend and book for you if you wish.

LOUNGE - Guests are invited to relax in our guest lounge. Here you can enjoy  a cup of tea or coffee, read a book which you can borrow from our book shelf, fill in one of our many different mandalas, play a game together with friends or family, look through the collection of brochures, maps and general tourist information, and more.  

WALKS - The surrounding areas of Silverstone Lodge are beautiful and spectacular. Nature speaks to you, as soon as you walk out the door. You are welcome to walk around in the area and explore the stunning nature.

LIFE COACHING - Karin’s profession is life coaching, therefore it is possible for you to book a coaching session with her. Silverstone Lodge gives you the perfect atmosphere to explore your inner self a little bit more...

Do you want to: 

  • Find out why you act and react the way you do?

  • Get tools how to control your reactions and thoughts? 

  • Set goals and find ways to reach them? 

  • Figure out your unique way forward…. 

Curious? Let us know and we can tell you more.


Silverstone Lodge, situated just outside Swaziland's capital city, Mbabane, is in in close proximity to restaurants, shopping centres and the majority of Swaziland's corporate headoffices. We are also central to Swaziland's key tourist attractions and places of interest - some of which we have highlighted below. For further information please click on the links provided or simply get in contact with us.



For those who enjoy locally made curios and crafts of the finest quality, we suggest visiting the following places.




At Silverstone Lodge we offer tours of all different kinds, everything from rural experience to craft markets, cave paintings to canopy tours. If you have any special requirements, we can put together  a tour to meet your wishes.

We can also help you book other activities that you are interested in with one of our other cultural and adventure tour operators in Swaziland. 


Please see more information under Tours