eSwatini is definitely special with its unique culture, beautiful handcraft and stunning nature. Explore eSwatini with us, 

Silverstone Lodge work together with local tour guides who grew up in the areas you visit.  We will make sure you get to know the real eSwatini and that you will bring unforgettable memories with you home. 

You can choose one of our set tours below or create your own unique experience based on your interests and needs.

Please contact us for bookings and further assistance.



The day will be spent in the area called Lobamba - The heart of eSwatini. This is where King Mswati III palace in situated and where all the important ceremonies take place. The day will start with a visit to the National Museum and the Memorial Park for the previous King Sobhoza II, then an easy walk through the actual village Lobamba where you can taste the traditional beer and interact with the local people. After a braai (bbq) by the local butchery you will experience the traditional eSwatini dance at the Mantenga cultural village.
On request, the tour can be turned into a half-day experience.



By visiting one of the rural areas of eSwatini, you will definitely be promised a unique experience which is hard to find as a tourist in a new country. One of our tour guides will take you to the countryside of eSwatini where you will see beautiful views, interact with the local people and cook together with the “Makes” (mothers) of the homestead.
As the day goes by, the guide will share everything you would like to know about the culture of our country. Every tour turns out to be unique, because of the special meetings between you and the people you visit.



eSwatini is very rich when it comes to beautiful nature. This full or half day tour will be spent in one of our Nature Reserves. eSwatini offers everything from green fields with grazing zebras, ponds with resting crocodiles, waterfalls, mysterious pot holes, to never ending mountain views. Where you spend the day will be decided based on your wish, interests and needs. Together with a local tour guide you will walk through the most spectacular sceneries surrounded by animals, flora & fauna The full day tour includes a picknick which will be served on a well picked spot.

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For you who enjoy a bit of adrenaline, this tour is a great way to spend your day. Our local guide will accompany you to one of our most beautiful nature reserves - Malolotja. After a small safari drive, where you have the chance to see different kind of antilops, zebras, wildebeests and more, you will go on a thrilling 11 slide long canopy tour. A light lunch will be served afterwards. The tour will then take you to the incredible Nsangwini Rock Paintings. The paintings are the work of the hunter-gatherer San people and could be up to 4,000 years old.